Supervision is the practice of meeting regularly with another mental health professional using training, knowledge and skills to discuss casework and other professional issues in a structured way. The purpose is to assist the practitioner to learn from the supervisors experience and expertise, as well as to ensure good service to the client or patient.  

I am available to supervise masters and doctoral level practitioners who want supervision while accruing licensing hours.  This can be done as an adjunct to their existing work or on a “use of license” contract basis. I also provide supervision to licensed professionals seeking additional supervision support.  

In instances where there is enough need, supervision can additionally be offered in group format.

The focus of supervision varies depending on the supervisee’s needs and can range from nuts and bolts psychotherapy skills to more advanced supervision topics such as examining one's self in role, issues of transference, ethical considerations and more complex client presentations.

Dr. Beth Robbins has the rare ability to integrate clinical skills with down-to-earth people skills. She is an excellent communicator and manager, which allows her to mediate all kinds of situations for optimal outcome. Helping people legitimately gives her joy. This contributes to her  overall resilience and creativity in approaching difficult problems
— Daniel Miller, LCMHC/LADC/MBA
“Beth has a wide range of expertise from many theoretical frameworks. She is clear, supportive and enthusiastic in the role of supervision and teaching and brings a breadth of experience.”
— Laura Rabinovitz, LICSW - UVM Medical Center
“Dr. Beth Robbins was my first clinical supervisor in graduate school. Dr. Robbins was able to take my educational theory knowledge and connect it to several different theoretical approaches. She knew not only the theory but the practical approach and case studies. I learned so much in that one year with her.

Since then I have had other supervisors none of which took the time and interest in my professional and personal growth as much as Dr. Robbins did. She was not only interested in my clinical skills but also in my personal growth. She was one of the only people I could trust enough to allow her to not only supervise my work but also help me develop as a person.”
— Michael Paquette, MA LPC
“I have had the pleasure and privilege of working under the supervision of Beth Robbins. Beth has the unique and rare balance of qualities that make her not only a wonderful supervisor but a great leader and overall just an excellent psychologist. Of the list of such coveted competencies as intelligent, knowledgeable, highly skilled, compassionate, attuned, decisive, clear, quick, flexible, easy to talk to and works extremely well under pressure, Beth Robbins is All Of the Above. She has been without question one of my favorite supervisors and colleagues!”
— Gerri Oppedisano, PhD
“I first met Beth when I was an intern at the Seneca Center over a decade ago and was struck not only by her brilliance and energy, but her approachability. She is incredibly knowledgeable and has impeccable clinical skills, while also being down to earth and genuine—I feel so fortunate to have the opportunity to learn from her. Beth brings a thoughtful and refreshing perspective to my work with clients and is supportive of my personal and professional growth. As a supervisor and consultant, she provides astute and remarkable observations, as well as a deeper wisdom that is invaluable. I have greatly benefited from her expertise and wealth of knowledge—and feel that because of her, I am able to give more to my clients. I also appreciate the way in which Beth works, which includes a nimbleness and keen sense of humor—she is quick-thinking and fun. It has been an absolute joy to work with her and I feel incredibly grateful!”
— Kate Stattell, MS
“Dr Robbins was an excellent guide in my development as a psychotherapist. She encouraged my ability to connect to patients and meet them where they were presenting in terms of their psychopathology. She was very useful with regard to encouraging CBT based interventions and also formulating patients through a psychodynamic lens. I always felt as though she was supportive of my journey to become a better therapist. She seemed to understand my parallel process alongside that of a patient in a way I myself could not always perceive. I highly recommend working with Dr Robbins if you seek to develop your technical skills in addition to your own self-awareness as a practitioner.”
— Dustin Robert Dippen, MD