Beth Robbins, PsyD

I am a highly experienced clinician with strong clinical training.  I have been working with, excelling in and developing notable expertise in  the area of Clinical Psychology for the past 25 years. I believe in evidenced based treatment and acquiring clear outcomes for change. I have practiced independently and on clinical teams in various settings most recently as a Clinical Director in the department of Psychiatry at the University of Vermont Medical Center for over eighteen years. In that role,  I practiced clinical psychology with a broad spectrum of symptoms, issues and concerns. This experience and knowledge is well integrated with connection, relationship, and genuine human caring and presence.

I weave together strong clinical expertise and my authentic human presence with my client’s desire to make change; this is where the best work happens.

My work as a psychologist, a therapist, a teacher, and a supervisor all stand on the premise that I believe authenticity is the basis of human change and relationships, both with others and with ourselves.

Change comes from a place of authentic vulnerability. Inauthentic change or inauthentic connection to others is generally short lived. Making lasting authentic change and connection requires connection with yourself, with your values, and with your needs.  Therapy can help you do that.

Vermont Psychotherapy Office

Accessing our own authentic self often gets lost in the weeds over time through our experiences, and through the development of distorted beliefs about ourselves, about other people, about the world, and about the way we see ourselves in the future.  

I practice what I teach. I show up authentically for each client. I value transparency and give to clients what I expect in return. Authenticity, transparency and full presence. This is a place where your experience can be genuinely accepted and supported while we facilitate change together.