Consultation involves consulting to, with, or for individuals or organizations in an individual or group, format to provide expertise, assistance and knowledge as a psychologist  regarding the psychological aspects of their work.

Consultation is advisory in nature.  Consulting psychologists may have as clients individuals, institutions, agencies, corporations or other kinds of organizations.

I am available for consultation.  This includes:

  • Consultation to professionals requesting clinical input for more challenging clinical situations.

  • Consultation to organizations who secondarily work with populations that require psychological support. This can occur in scheduled or as needed consultation to teams or to individuals.

  • Singular assessments in the form of bio-psycho-social assessments to help clarify diagnostic and treatment perspective. This is not formal psychological testing.  

The following are consultation testimonials

“I have enjoyed many psych consults with Beth as part of my work as a vocational rehabilitation counselor. Beth has a wonderful ability to listen to complex case challenges and provide invaluable insights about not only the nature of mental health challenges, but also possible ways of improving the efficacy of my skills. Our discussions have helped me tremendously in my work. I always covet time with her and enjoy Beth’s great sense of humor and her solutions-focused orientation.”
— Samuel M. Trudel, MSW Counselor, Voc Rehab Vermont
“From the clinical consulting services that Beth provides our staff, they are able to develop a deeper understanding of barriers and clinical diagnoses. This leads them to stronger plan development in supporting clients in meeting their ultimate employment goal. She provides support to counseling and employment staff regarding their skill development, education around specific disabilities, and guidance on how to help someone move forward. This service is valuable to our staff and their professional development!”
— Cindy Seguin, MS - VR Associate Regional Manager
“Beth serves as a clinical consultant to our agency. She provides clinical assessment and practical information to a staff of vocational rehabilitation professionals around challenging cases. Invariably, Beth asks probing questions that get to the heart of the presenting issue, and offers assistance on real-world solutions that impact a customer’s ability to go to work. Our staff always walk away with better tools on how to address complex clinical matters thanks to Beth’s insights; she is an integral part of the work we do daily for the folks we serve.”
— Mark Ciociola - Regional Manager Vocational Rehabilitation District manager